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Employment Discrimination Law

GMP LLP defends employers accused of wrongful termination and workplace discrimination under Title 7 or the D.C. Human Rights Act. We represent employers in responding to the filing of charges at the EEOC and the D.C. Office of Human Rights.

Wage-Hour Defense

Our office represents employers accused of not correctly paying their employees. We represent employers at the D.C. office of Wage-Hour as well as in D.C. local courts and D.C. federal courts.

Unemployment Insurance

We represent employers in unemployment insurance hearings in the District of Columbia and Maryland. We also represent employers at appeals from the Office of Administrative Hearings to D.C. Court of Appeals, the highest local court.


GMP LLP can serve as your registered District of Columbia lobbyist, or we can help ensure that your lobbyists are complying with all registration and reporting requirements. Our attorneys regularly represent companies before the D.C. Council and the District’s Executive Branch.

General Civil Litigation

We provide general civil litigation services for individuals and organizations. Whether you are involved in a property dispute, breach of contract, or another issue, our attorneys can represent you in local or federal courts.

Administrative Law

From business licensing to D.C. Health Code compliance, from brand new tech companies to outdoor café seating, we can help you understand and navigate the local regulations that your business must follow. We can then fully advocate on your behalf before District boards, commissions, and agencies.

Business Law & Outside General Counsel

In addition to serving the legal needs of some of the country’s and region’s biggest companies, GMP LLP serves as outside general counsel to a number of small businesses.

Real Estate Law

Whether commercial or residential, GMP LLP can help ensure that all aspects of your real estate transaction proceed smoothly, that deeds are properly recorded, or your lease and transactional documents meet your expectations.

Public/Private Partnerships

Washington, D.C. increasingly enters into partnerships with private companies to provide services to residents, businesses, and visitors. GMP LLP advises clients before, during, and after they work with the District government.

Campaigns, Elections, & Government Ethics Law

Our attorneys have advised Mayoral and Council campaigns, and monitored local elections. With a partner who is deeply knowledgeable about local government ethics laws and regulations, we are prepared to answer your questions in this delicate area.

Other Employment Law

GMP LLP's experienced attorneys can assist with offer letters, separation from employment, resignations, layoffs, unemployment compensation issues, First Source, and Wage-Hour matters.

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