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We have the knowledge, experience, and networks to guide your business through your local legal challenges. We are DC residents and business-owners, and we are ready to help you.

Our Philosophy



Our attorneys know D.C. law. We draft legislation that becomes law, represent employers before the EEOC and D.C. Office of Human Rights, advise public-private partnerships, and assist with multiple types of financing mechanisms including TIFs and tax abatements. We stay current on all areas of the law which we cover. Our attorneys work closely with District government agencies, and can advise your company how to work with our local government.



Our attorneys have represented hundreds of local businesses and Fortune 100 corporations in complex and high-stakes real-estate transactions, in federal and local court, before the D.C. Council and a multitude of District agencies, and candidates in the highest profile local political campaigns. Our attorneys have logged hundreds of hours helping individuals, nonprofits, and businesses to navigate the myriad complexities of District government regulations. Our professional staff has years of hands-on experience assisting attorneys with all facets of the legal profession.



Almost half of our staff have worked at high levels within the Executive and Legislative branches of the District of Columbia government. We maintain excellent working relationships with the District’s Mayor and Councilmembers, as well as appointed agency directors and staff. In addition, we strive to build strong relationships with our current and former clients and participate on numerous public policy, community, charitable, and legal boards of directors.

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Honest, Experienced Lawyers

Our attorneys are thought leaders in their areas of expertise. We are honest and meticulous, and we will work to make DC work for you.

Expertise and Experience

Our team members have worked in the highest levels of District Government. We know DC, and we can help you.

Personal Attention

Our niche firm is the perfect size for your business needs. Our attorneys give each client’s matter their personal attention to arrive at the best solution possible.

Our Team

David L. Goldblatt

David L. Goldblatt


David L. Goldblatt brings a wealth of experience to his clients in legislative advocacy and real estate development. For his clients, Mr. Goldblatt provides access to governmental officials and guidance on how to traverse government agencies and programs.

Full Biography

Thorn Pozen

Thorn Pozen


Thorn L. Pozen advises private companies, private and public institutions and government entities on local government, government ethics, campaign finance, land-use, and administrative law issues.

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Marymagdaline Onyango, Esq.

Marymagdaline Onyango, Esq.

Associate Attorney| 202-618-5836


Marymagdaline C. Onyango assists clients with matters related to employment law, local government and business law. She also has experience working on District of Columbia administrative matters. While working as a law clerk she worked on complex cases in the areas of medical malpractice, wills trust and estates and real property law. 

Jasmine Cummings, C.P.

Jasmine Cummings, C.P.

Senior Paralegal | 202-795-9999


Jasmine Cummings is GMP’s Senior Paralegal. She has extensive litigation and document management experience. As a litigation professional, she is very familiar with trial preparation and assisting attorneys of the firm as they navigate the D.C. and Maryland court systems. As a non-lawyer in the firm, she has significant experience shown in her years of litigation support, legal research, and administrative functions.