Lobbying is the act of working to influence business and government leaders to create legislation or rules that would benefit an organization, industry, business, or group. Lobbying can be done by and for the benefit of many different types of groups and organization, including for-profit businesses, non-profit groups, and social movements. Lobbying happens at all levels of the government, from federal to state to local.

GMP LLP can serve as your registered District of Columbia lobbyist, or we can help ensure that your lobbyists are complying with all registration and reporting requirements. Our attorneys regularly represent companies before the D.C. Council and the District’s Executive Branch. We know all D.C. Council members and the Mayor of the District of Columbia. We work for numerous companies on their lobbying compliance programs.

  • D.C. Government Relations Counseling
  • D.C. Lobbying
  • Legislative Drafting
  • Drafting and Presenting Public Testimony
  • Drafting Comments on Proposed Regulations
  • D.C. Lobbying Registration and Compliance
  • Grassroots Lobbying Efforts

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