Real Estate Law

Real estate, also called real property, is land and buildings on it. Real estate law concerns who may own and use the land and buildings. Real estate can either be residential or commercial, owned or rented, and can be passed down from one relative to another, all of which alter the rules and regulations on the property. There are also different real estate laws governed by different states and local governments.

Whether commercial or residential, GMP LLP can help ensure that all aspects of your real estate transaction proceed smoothly, that deeds are properly recorded, or your lease and transactional documents meet your expectations. We can help you to get construction permits and regulatory approvals. If there is trouble with the transaction, we can represent your interest in court, as needed.

We represent clients at hearings held by the Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment, and the Historic Preservation Review Board. We can also advise you on dealing with other real estate related boards such as the Real Property Tax Appeals Commission, the Board for the Condemnation of Insanitary Buildings, and the National Capital Planning Commission and its sibling, the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts.

Commercial real estate law services we offer include:

  • Transactional Document Drafting and Review
  • Multi-Use and Multi-Family Development Projects
  • Deed Recordation
  • Land Disposition Agreements
  • Subdivisions
  • Green Building Act Compliance
  • Lease Review
  • Complex Financing Structures
  • Land Use Counseling, Zoning Approvals, and Appeals
  • Alley Closings
  • Permitting, Construction, and Regulatory Approvals

Residential real estate law services we offer include:

  • Sales, Deed Recordation, Co-Op Ownership Transfers
  • Real Property Tax Disputes and Appeals
  • Obtaining or Opposing Construction Permits

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